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• Normal Mode     
     • The Castellum     
          • Overview     
          • Defending plates     
          • Retrieving Relics     
          • First door opens!     
     • The Royal Baths     
          • Recommendations     
          • Defending plates (Overview)     
          • Defending plates (Tactics)     
          • Destroying censers     
          • Further notes     
     • The Pleasure Gardens     
          • Recommendations     
          • Overview     
          • Shooting the prisms     
          • Collecting the spores     
          • Damaging the Dogs     
          • Further notes     

Normal Mode

For the first... here are many suggestions and tactics that have evolved from many different Leviathan runs.
Also alternative strategies and procedures adapted to different groups compilations show you many ways in the right direction. Priority number one is a smooth communication and exactly coordinated voice commands.

And never forget ... A group wipe in a very bad situation is certainly more time-saving, but it also brings much less understanding for this raid. Whatever the case, each Guardian should fight 100% to his last shot to further his understanding of this raid.

After a while you will notice for yourself that this method works like an important training element. While number of players continues to decrease, you can learn to resist so long as possible with fewer players in team.

Be patient and focus on understanding everything exactly.

The Castellum


•  Fly with your team to Nessus for the Leviathan Raid and start your journey in The Castellum of Calus.
•  In The Castellum can be loot only once. After the first phase it is worth to visit The Underbelly of Leviathan. For the first time this can be skipped, but especially in the beginning time it is not recommended.
•  Choose 4 Guardian's to defend the path in front of the target door, while the other 2 collect the Relics. The symbols refer to the different phases: Sun (The Royal Baths), Dog (The Pleasure Gardens), Axes (The Gauntlet) and Cup (The Throne Room).
•  The target door needs 3 keys (Relics). They must be collected from each of the other doors.

This is the spawn position at the beginning of the bridge. From here, make your way upwards!

It is recommended to use a Raid Banner, which completely fills up the bonus energy and all magazines.

Defending the plates

•  Eliminate the Enemies gathering at the door. Use the Super freely - Orbs of light and heavy ammo should be abundant.
•  After the first Relic has been placed, Standard Liberators will appear. If they reach the Relic, they will take it back! Councilors make them immune, so they should be eliminated when they spawned.
•  Defend this position until 3 Relics have been placed. Then Calus will promptly open an escape route.

The plate being defended begins with the symbol hovering over it.

Once the plate is locked, it indicates where the next key is.

These are the Standard Liberators who take back the Relics! STOP THEM!

Retrieving the Relics

•  The door that has been opened is marked with a symbol. This gives the information about which door contains the next Relic. Go over and continue to kill Enemies.
•  A Standard Bearer steps out of the doorway as soon as the Enemies have been eliminated. Do it immediately! Other Enemies will appear that can be killed for ammo, but they are not relevant for gameplay.
•  When the Standard Bearer has been defeated, a bell sounds and the Relic is released. This will be picked up and brought back to the team immediately. The Relic inserts automatically when you're close enough.
•  Search for the next symbol and repeat this process.

Go to the door with the corresponding symbol.

Kill the Standard Bearer.

Take the Relic back to the rest of your team and put it in his place!

The first door opens!

•  If all 3 Relics are present, Calus opens an escape route. The door that defended the team opens. The Sun leads to The Royal Baths, the Dog to The Pleasure Gardens, the Axes to The Gauntlet and the Cup leads to The Throne Room to face Calus.
•  Enemies continue to spawn - use them for ammo if needed. Run through the door when ready.
•  The Chest is located directly behind it. Subsequent completions on The Castellum will only give 500 Glimmer.

Calus opens up an escape route. Run through the door to FREEDOM!

Don't forget those loots!

The Royal Baths



Kinetic and energy weapons should be chosen so that each player plays with his best weapons. The focus should be on efficiency and speed. Both types can help in this phase, but heavy weapons are most effective at this stage.

An adaptive Sword
•  This causes the Ceremonial Bathers to stagger with an uppercut and thus be eliminated faster. The Perk Hungry Edge prevents ammo shortage.
•  Kill a Ceremonial Bather in 4 shots and can be very useful against lanterns.
•  Hawthorne's Field-Forged Shotgun deals with Ceremonial Bathers well. Others will help too.
Exercise caution with Rocket Launchers. While the Ceremonial Bathers are still spawning, they can be great for a quick kill. Sniper Rifles are not recommended here.


•  Strikers with double pulse grenades will be most effective. Encourage Titans to use a rally barricade on the centre (Sun) plate when targeting the lanterns. Include any strikers in the add control rotation.
•  Celestial Nighthawk with Gunslinger will take out a lantern in a single hit. Coordinate the Hunters so they each take different lanterns. Where a Hunter does not yet have Celestial Nighthawk, Arcstriders are useful for the add control rotation. A single Hunter with Nightstalker can shoot their tether on the plate to support the team.
•  Stormcallers should be worked into the add control rotation. For those who have not unlocked Stormcaller, is the Voidwalker the next choice. Vortex grenades and well-aimed nova bombs almost take out a lantern. Encourage one Warlock to use a healing rift on the centre plate to extend the damage phase.

Defending the plates - Overview

•  Start first with it, assign a start plate for each player: Axes (top left), Dog (bottom left), Cup (top right), Spears (bottom right) and 2 players for the Sun (center). There are formed 2 teams: left and right.
•  The goal of this phase is to drop the white weights on the chains in front of each plate down to the bottom. While stood on the plate, the weights descend. When the plate is empty, they go back up. Players should remain on their plates as much as possible while defending.
•  You may only stand in the Purple Death Water while you have the Psionic Protection buff. Without it, you continually take damage. The plates are submerged in this water.
•  The Psionic Protection buff lasts 50 seconds while in the water. It does not count down when not in the water. The centre orb will respawn every 2-3 seconds.

These orbs provide the Psionic Protection buff. They start on each plate.

The white weights must drop to the bottom to stop the chain.

Defending the plates - Tactics

•  To start the encounter, all 5 plates must be stood on. Doing this at the same time will maximise players time with the buff.
•  Each side works as an independent Team. The middle player will run to the top to relieve their teammate. The top player must run to the middle plate to relieve their teammate there. The bottom player then runs to middle before heading to the top plate. This forms a cycle of players to holding each plate.
•  Each player should, where possible, ensure their Ceremonial Bather is dead before they head for the middle. The platforms next to the plates will provide safety if their protection runs out before relieved.
•  Even when the chain stops moving, the players must remain on the plates until they see the chains lock in and hear the bell.
•  If this part takes too long (approximately 5 minutes), there will be a hissing sound and a note saying »The Pools of Sol are corrupted«. This will wipe the team approximately 10 seconds later.

Bathers climb out from the pits. Take them out with extreme prejudice!

The centre orb continually respawns to replenish the protection.

Destroying the censers

•  The bell will toll and the weights on the chains each lock into place. An orb spawns on each plate, resetting the Psionic Protection buff. This is the cue to run to the centre plate and begin damaging the censers which appear as purple lanterns.
•  There are 3 triplets - a lone set at the front in the middle, and two sets at the back in the left and right corners. Start on the lone set and work clockwise to the left set and finally the right set. Assign Hunters with Celestial Nighthawk to individual censers and have the rest of the team start on the next in the sequence.
•  Damage can only be done while standing on the sun plate. Players should see the Force of Will buff at the bottom left of their screen.
•  Always have at least one player on add control. Have players chain their Supers, one after the other, swapping out on the plate. This will keep the Team safe from Ceremonial Bathers.
•  When the Psionic Protection buff runs out, players will begin to take damage. Healing rifts can extend the time on the plate, but they should clear out once the buff has gone. Players should return to their starting plates and jump back on as soon as the orbs reappear.
•  After the damage phase, a Councilor will spawn on the Sun plate. He needs to be punched fast. A Projection will often spawn in the air and must be shot down quickly before he wipes the Team.
•  Repeat until all censers are destroyed.

Team shoot the censers. Celestial Nighthawk shatters these bad things!

Further notes and finishing

•  The damage phase only lasts 50 seconds (the length of the Psionic Protection). Don't be discouraged if it takes a couple of damage phases to destroy all the censers.
•  The Chest will spawn in front of the Sun plate. Grab your loots and let's open a path to The Underbelly!

To head to The Pleasure Gardens or The Throne Room, pull 4 levers on the right side to open the Drain. As you face each wall, the order is top-left, bottom-right, bottom-left, top-right.

Pull these levers and jump down the Drain!

To head to The Gauntlet, have 4 player each step on a plate in the lower-middle part of the room. The side wall will open towards the Aqueduct.

Stand on these plates and run through the wall to the Aqueduct!

The Pleasure Gardens



Kinetic and energy weapons don't matter much here. The Team should use whatever they want to clear out the initial Adds.

•  The increased firing rate and high DPS will melt the Dogs health quickly.
An adaptive Sword
•  The Uppercut will deal a lot of damage to the Dogs.
Hawthorne’s Field-Forged Shotgun.
If lacking Merciless or a Sword, a good close-range weapon, such as a Shotgun is best.
Rocket Launchers have low ammo and with the insurgence of other Dogs make it easy for inexperienced players to accidentally blow themselves up. Sniper Rifles have no use here.


•  Strikers with double pulse grenades can take a Dog down with grenades alone, even with low stacks.
•  Hunters have the toughest time. Nightstalker with Way of the Trapper and a vortex grenade seem to be quickest, followed by Gunslinger with Celestial Nighthawk (lacking a good grenade).
•  Using an empowering rift can increase damage output. Any of the Supers can take a Dog out pretty quickly.


•  Start out by clearing the room of Warbeasts and Beast Handlers. The Beast Handlers will drop heavy ammo for those who need it.
•  Head up to the top of the gold-encased room, topped by a statue of Calus. Be careful - at the front of the safe room is a trench which instantly kills anyone who falls in it. DO NOT PICK UP THE PRISMS UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO START!
•  Assign 2 players to handle the prisms. The least confident should take the left side. This is a good time to practice jumping and identifying which flowers are visible from each beam.
•  The remaining 4 players will carry pollen. If you do not know the Dogs paths yourself, ensure someone who does can lead the ground group.
•  Assign each player to a flower to kill Dogs: R1, R2, R3, L1, Trees and L3. Prism carriers take the furthest spots; left takes L3 and right takes R3. New raiders should be assigned R1 or L1 to prevent them from getting lost.

Shooting the prisms

•  To start the encounter, the prism holders should each take a prism and make their way out onto the rocks. The prism can only be shot when standing in a beam of light. Avoid jumping directly over Dogs, some of them look up!
•  Identify which flower is active and alert the ground group. 2 flowers will open at a time and no new one will open until both are triggered.
•  Watch the Dogs near both the target flower and the ground group. Let them know when Dogs are turning towards them or away from their path.
•  When a player reaches the target flower, it opens. You have 10 seconds before the flower closes and the spores are lost. Try to wait until all four players are at the flower. Shoot the flower using the prism to burst it and release the spores.
•  Immediately look to the upper doors (2 on left, 3 on right) and kill the Beast Handler, that emerges using the prism beam. If they jump down, do not kill them when a Dog is nearby as this will alert the Dogs.

Find the flowers and shoot once the team assembles.

Shoot the Adds, that come out of one door.

Collecting the spores

•  Drop down into the safe room once the prisms have been picked up. Each player must collect a ball of pollen.
•  Stick to each other like glue. 1 player must lead the group while the other 3 are their shadows.
•  Listen for the callouts and go to the relevant flowers. Use the tree and cave as safe spots and make use of the rocks and plants to stay out of the Dogs gazes.
•  When everyone is at the flower, call for it to be hit. When each flower is hit, the spores give you the Empowering Spores buff, with a multiplier after it.

Collect a ball of pollen from the safe room.

•  If a player gets left behind, it is better to collect the reduced stack than miss it entirely. All 4 players will get a 12x stack per flower. 3 players add 7x, 2 players add 3x and a single player will only add 1x.
•  If you separate from the group, hide out in a safe spot until you can rejoin the group.
•  Keep going until the Dogs grow restless (2,5 minutes) and start to howl (3 minutes). Aim for a 36x multiplier at least.

Stick to each other like glue and collect spores from the flowers.

Damaging the Dogs

•  Either when a player is spotted, or when the time runs out, the Dogs will each run to a flower and begin to howl. This howl will wipe the team in 30 seconds.
•  Each player should go to their assigned Dog and start to damage them.
•  If the stacks is 36x or below and there are newer players, DO NOT KILL THE DOGS! Damage them only and get them low. There are 4 rounds available if needed. If the buff is 48x or higher, and everyone is confident, kill the Dogs in a single round. High PL players can easily kill at 24x so take care!
•  After 15 seconds, R3 (and any lost players) should return to the safe room with the other players following soon after. The side doors will be shut so they need to jump up and go through the hole at the top.
•  Regroup and identify which Dogs have significant health left so players know who to help. When the doors reopen, the prism bearers should jump back up to collect prisms while the other players pick up the pollen again.
•  For each Dog killed, a third of the time available each round is lost, reducing the collection time available. Either kill all the Dogs or none each round.

Find your assigned Dog and damage / kill according to instructions.

Further notes and finishing

•  After the third round, Calus revokes access to the safe room. There is no need to wipe if rounds go badly - one good round is all the team needs.
•  The Chest will spawn on top of the safe room, next to the right prism. Grab your loots and let’s head to The Underbelly!

To head to The Royal Baths or The Throne Room, use the pressure plate to open the Drain on the right-hand side.

Stand on this plate to open up the Drain.

To head to The Gauntlet or The Throne Room, jump up at the back-right of The Pleasure Gardens to head towards Engine. Or use the far left pressure plate to open Irrigation.

Jump out of this hole to make your way to Engine.

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